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Druckgrafik Kätelhön


Located in the countryside near Lake Möhne (Möhnesee)
in Westfalia, the Druckgrafik Kätelhön workshop has
a tradition in fine art printing extending back over 75
years. Since completing his three-year apprenticeship
under Master Printer Henner Kätelhön, Ulrich printed professionally for many different artists, including
Falko Behrendt
and the Canadian artist Liz Ingram.

kaetelhoen workshop The lithography workshop at Druckgrafik Kätelhön.

kaetelhoen 2Printers in the intaglio workshop. The large images in the background are from Liz Ingram's "Succulent Soul/Sacred Source" series.
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1st European Lithography Symposium in Munich


From 30th August to 4th September, 2005 the Münchner Künstlerhaus hosted printmakers from all over the world to celebrate and exchange ideas about lithography.

The event was organised by Gesa Puell, artist
and former manager of the Steindruck München Workshop. Visitors were treated to a number of exhibitions, tours and a discussion panel. A very popular children’s day was also part of the programme.


Over the course of six months leading up to the symposium, we collaborated with six artists to produce a portfolio of twelve large-format lithographs.

ulrich and sarah printing in munich

"Slow Food", the title given to the portfolio, is inspired by the culinary movement whose philosophy on the production and enjoyment of food strongly resembles a lithographer's dedication to taking the time and care necessary to produce high quality fine art prints.


The prints were exhibited in Munich’s Pinakothek Der Moderne Museum until
2nd October, 2005. Participating artists: Stephan Baumkötter (Cologne),
Reinhold Budde (Bremen), Wolfgang Ellenrieder (Munich), Michaela Melián (Munich), Norbert Prangenberg (Munich) and Gesa Puell (Munich).


‘Slow Food’ was printed entirely from stone, in an edition of 30.
Image size: 100 cm x 70 cm. Paper size: BFK Rives 120 cm x 80 cm.

erin maurelli printing with children Tamarind Printer Erin Maurelli helping the children print their Pronto Plates.

children graining stones Stone graining on Children's Day.
artist reinhold budde drawing Artist Reinhold Budde drawing his first image.

visiting solnhofen stone quarry Visiting the lithography stone quarry in Solnhofen.
litho days brunch Brunch on the final day of the Symposium.

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