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The Artists' Press


The Artists' Press is located in the Lowveld area, not far from
the Kruger National Park, and has a long history of working with local and international artists. During our time there we helped owner Mark Attwood and printers Leshoka Legate, Thulasizwe Nyandeni and Jacky Tsila with a number of projects with artists including Hanneke Benadé, Conrad Botes, Robert Hodgins, William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa and San (Bushman) artists from the Kuru Art Project in Botswana.


With Sam Nhlengethwa we worked on two series of images
of the townships surrounding Johannesburg. The first series comprises 10 black and white drawings and the second, five multiple colour images, both with a chine-collé background.

the artists press workshop in winter The workshop in winter.

jacky and sarah printing Jacky Tsila and Sarah at the press.
sam check proofs Sam Nhlengethwa checking the proofs.



Kuru Art Project


Xgaiga Qhomatcã, X'aga, Koaba, Tamae Kaashe,
Ditiro Mokwena and Coex'ae Bob are participants in the
Kuru Art Project, one of many programmes which are
part of a grass roots self-development organisation for
the San people in D'kar, in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.


The artists spent two weeks in September 2005 at The Artists' Press creating images in their unique style, which has earned them considerable international recognition.

xaga checking proofs Jacky Tsila, Ulrich and artist X'aga printing colour trial proofs.
kuru artists at kruger park Kuru artists in the Kruger National Park.
22 images were printed in editions of 40, illustrating scenes from various stories, aspects of the artists' daily life and the influence of western culture on their lifestyle and traditions.
Click here to see the prints.
Xaga, Koaba and Ennie drawing Artists X'aga, Koaba and Coex'ae Bob drawing.



William Kentridge


Over 4,000 pieces combine to make up the suite of extra-large format lithographs by William Kentridge, editioned in 2007.


The team at The Artists' Press invited Ulrich and Sarah to
help with the project, which involved 11 editions of collage-lithographs and four free-standing sculptural prints, and took eight months to complete.

william kentridge drawing William Kentridge drawing the severed heads.
ulrich and william Discussing a proof.

sizwe and sarah curating Sizwe and Sarah curating.

These images presented us with a number of exciting challenges and pushed the boundaries of conventional printmaking. The three largest collaged prints measure
160 cm x 120 cm and combine lithography, letterpress
and hand painted elements. Each vignette is a collage of individually printed and hand-torn pieces.


The four 'Severed Heads' prints are double-sided, free-standing sculptures, which incorporate a number of mixed media, chine-collé and hand coloured elements.


Edition size: 35.

For images of the prints, click here.

ulrich and mark assembling a print Assembling one of the large prints.
leshoka and uli printing Leshoka and Ulrich at the press.
severed head proof A completed 'Severed Heads' proof.
sarah assemble head proof Assembling a 'Severed Heads' print.
pieces for william's prints Piles of small collages.
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