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The Kalahari San (Bushman) tell their life stories.


In February 2006, Sarah, Ulrich and Marjorie Devon, Director of Tamarind Institute went to the Kuru Art Project's studios in the Kalahari Desert near Ghanzi, Bostwana.


20 artists participated in an artists' book project illustrating how their lives have changed since the San have been unable to continue their nomadic hunter/gatherer lifestyle.

sarah etching a stoneDada Coex'ae Qgam's drawings.
jim dine drawing on a stone Coex'ae Bob telling her story.
The Kuru artists have become internationally recognised through exhibitions in southern Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Britain and the U.S.A. They have won many awards and their work is held in private and public collections worldwide.
xhaqhoo image

Xaqhoo X'are's drawings.

dada talking

Dada Coex'ae Qgam explaining her images.

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