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Jim Dine at Tamarind


In Autumn 2001, Jim Dine worked with the printers at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque to create a series of lithographs. These were part of a collaboration with poet Robert Creeley for the book “Pictures”, which contains ten poems and twelve images.


The book is hand-bound with a slipcase
and was printed in an edition of 40
by Erika Adams, Bill Lagattuta,
Sarah Dudley, and Ernestine White.


Page size, 30 cm by 22 cm.

sarah etching a stone Etching one of the drawings for "Pictures".
jim dine drawing on a stone Jim Dine drawing the image for Tamarind's 2001 Collectors' Club edition.





Funded by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Connections project brought together six artists from former Yugoslavian republics to encourage meaningful dialogue that promotes understanding and cooperation among different ethnic groups.


In June 2002, the artists were in residence at Tamarind Institute and collaborated with printers Valle Baranda-Ferrero, Sarah Dudley, Rodney Hamon, Bill Lagattuta, Erin Maurelli and Ulrich Kühle.


Choosing to leave the war behind them, each artist created a series of images reflecting their personal interests and vision.

connections group
From left to right:
Valle Baranda-Ferrero • Tamarind Education Director Rodney Hamon • Mirjana Vodopija, Croatia • Damijan Kracina, Slovenia • Zlatan Filipovic, Bosnia-Herzegovina • Ana Stojkovic, Macedonia • Adam Pantic, Serbia • Tahar Alemendari, Kosovo • Tamarind Master Printer Bill Lagattuta • Ulrich Kühle • Sarah Dudley.
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