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Dane Mitchell- "Perfume Plume" monotypes


born: 1976 in Auckland, New Zealand


lives and works in Auckland and Berlin


Dane Mitchell experimented with incorporating perfume into his prints.
The scent is custom-blended and was inspired by the idea of a clean, empty room. Each print is unique and carries the scent which lasts for
a number of weeks. Click here to purchase >>

dane mitchell spraying perfume on the inkDane Mitchell spraying the perfume onto the ink.

dane perfume closeup

Close-up of the perfume reacting with the ink.

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plume1thumb plume2thumb plume3thumb
plume4thumb plume5thumb plume6thumb
plume7thumb plume8thumb plume9thumb
plume10thumb plume11thumb plume12thumb

Perfume Plume 1 (of a series of 12)


50 cm x 40 cm


keystone editions first anniversary


29 May, 2011


keystone editions is thrilled to celebrate
our first anniversary!


Many, many thanks to the artists we've worked with as well as everyone who helped make our first year such a success!


It's been very rewarding and we're excited about the next year which already has us running.

Here's what we were up to over the past 12 months: Thanks to: (please visit their websites, we highly recommend them all!)



Gabriele Bergmann (Business Coach)

Tamarind Institute

Reinhold Budde

El Bocho

Thomas Eller

Katrin Günther

Ros Harvey

Nicholas Kashian

Christin Lutze

John Miller

Dane Mitchell

Kuros Nekouian

Tim Stampton

Robert Wilhelm

Grand Opening at TPS Chambers Claudia Zölsch of KapitalKunst
(Coach for artists)
Anja Przybilla (Copyright Lawyer)
Berlin Gallery Weekend at MMX Andreas Kruger (Accountant)
Street Lab Meets Berlin Start:Chance & zukunft im zentrum  
Berliner Kunstsalon 2010   Anna Pataczek (Journalist)
Tamarind Institute's 50th Anniversary Nicole Cohen (Artist/Consultant) Kay Hattwig (Translation)
Winterfest Exhibition Arturo Herrera (Artist)  
    Dr. Martin Schmidt, Specialist in
Prints, Villa Grisebach Auction House


Berlin Collective
Experimental lithography with students
at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee

Johanness Witt, Master Lithographer;

Hanna Hennenkemper, Artist and Professor at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee

Sebastian Mall (Carpenter/Designer)
Intro to litho for Villa Grisebach  
Weekend Workshop in Collaborative Printmaking for professional artists Vincent Hulme (Intern) Daniel Daoudi/ Lab Montage
(Event Organiser)
Elena Gilbert (Intern)



Tamarind Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary!


Printers from across the globe attended the symposium in Albuquerque to celebrate Tamarind's 50th. Included in the programme
were talks by founders June Wayne and Garo Antreasian, and artists Jim Dine, Dave Hickey and Ed Ruscha.


Videos of the talks (provided by UNM live)

Life and Litho: June Wayne Tells It Like It Is.

The Early Days: Discussion With Garo Antreasian

Conversations: Jim Dine with Ruth Fine.



El Bocho at Street Lab


Street Lab meets Berlin was organised and curated by montage, who put together so many great workshops, performances and shows for the weekend event. We were thrilled that we had the chance to showcase work by international street artists, and to see how differently they work on pieces meant for inside spaces. Berlin artist El Bocho did a two-day residency with the printers in the workshop; we all had a great time and the results of his first forays into lithography speak for themselves.


More info about the event and who took part here. If you are interested in purchasing a print from the edition by El Bocho please email us on: info [at]

Participating artists:


Alias; Dust; Fnord; 44 Flavours; Irgh & Urkel/Wurstbande;
John Reaktor/Sam Crew; Kid Kyuss Hope/Sam Crew; Mymo;

Trus; Yukon.



To see photos from the event click here ---------------------------------->




Grand Opening Event


Over 120 people attended on Saturday, 29th of May, and we were delighted to have met so many artists, gallerists and fellow printers. On show were prints which we have printed in collaboration with international artists over the past ten years. The
evening was rounded off with a stone litho demonstration and screening of two short films about collaborative printmaking.


Artist and publicist Thomas Eller delivered a speech about the importance of collaboration and it's long tradition in Berlin, and Chicago artist Nicholas Kashian spoke of the prevalence of printmaking in our lives, from fingerprints to footprints and beyond.


We would like to thank everyone for coming and for helping to make our opening such a huge success!


Click the images below to see photos of the event.



The new workshop in Berlin


We are delighted to announce that after many years of amazing experiences in printshops around the world, we are starting up our own: Keystone Editions.


The space is 170m2, located on the Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin's Kreuzberg district in an old-style industrial loft building. We renovated from the ground up, fixed the floor, built walls and made the space feel like home.


Once the construction was over, we hit the ground running and fresh off the press are new editions by
artists Reinhold Budde from Bremen, Kuros Nekouian from Munich and most recently by Berlin artist Katrin Günther.


If you're interested in hearing about the latest news and projects, sign up for our eNewsletter, or click here to download the most recent issue. Click the images below for a look at the new space.


our new workshopThe new workshop, day 1.
paul-lincke-ufer 33
10999 berlin
info [at]