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Keystone Editions' exhibition and talk held at the IMPACT 8 Printmaking Conference in Scotland




27th August - 1st September, 2013: The IMPACT8 Conference in Dundee was a roaring success,
with a dizzying array of talks, presentations, exhibitions and demonstrations. We had the priviledge
of exhibiting a range of work that we had printed over the past few years. Sarah also gave a talk on how printmaking can take you around the world, featuring a number of projects that she and Uli had worked on in various countries. Visit the project archive for info and images from adventures abroad.


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More information about the IMPACT conference on their website.

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Along with the fantastic exhibitions and events, we
discovered that printers can really dance at the Ceilidh-
music and dancing in traditional Scots style!


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TURBULENT CHROMA - an artist's book by Liz Ingram and Bernd Hildebrandt



turbulent end spine view turbulent title page full spread turbulent spread 1 turbulent spread 2 turbulent spread 3 turbulent spread 4 turbulent spread 5 turbulent spread 6 turbulent spread 7 turbulent spread 8 turbulent spread 9 turbulent spread 10 turbulent spread 11



Edition: 10 + 2 A.P.

60 cm x 40 cm (closed)

24 pages: stone lithography (drawings), photolithography (poems), digital print (body images), chine-collé, polymer plate relief (title
and colophon page texts).

Printed on Canson BFK Rives white, 300g and on Honen japanese paper (with sizing).
Accordion-bound with a portfolio and slipcase.


Collaborating printers: Ulrich Kühle and Sarah Dudley
Binding: Esther Everding (website)

turbulent in hungary

Liz Ingram with Turbulent Chroma at the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen, Hungary (January, 2013).



28th of March, 2013 - The new Takach press has arrived!



We are thrilled to announce that the Keystone Editions' has received a beautiful new motorised
litho press, manufactured to custom specifications by the guys at Takach Press in Albuquerque,
New Mexico.


In our opinion, Takach presses are by far the best on the market; this new press will make it even easier to provide excellent quality and work efficiently on our projects.


Christmas has come early for us this year- many, many thanks to everyone at Takach who has helped make this happen!


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Learn more about Takach presses and printmaking supplies:



Jim Dine - Large format self-portraits


Our most ambitious project so far this year is with American artist Jim Dine. He has just recently given his "approval to print" for the editions
of his five large self-portraits. The the key runs (to be printed in black) have been drawn on stones measuring 110 cm x 85 cm and images
for the underlying colour layers are in the works. Each image will be printed on 140 cm x 99 cm sheets of paper and incorporate the embossed edges of the stones. Click the images below for larger display.



dine portrait 1 thumb dine portrait 2 thumb dine portrait 3 thumb dine portrait 4 thumb dine portrait 5 thumb
dine portrait 5 drawing3
dine portrait 5 stone


Anselmo Fox - making lithographs with snails


We weren't sure what to say when Swiss artist Anselmo Fox said he wanted to try printing the slimy trail left behind by a few rather large snails.
It was too exciting a challenge to refuse and a few days later he arrived with his muses in a box.


So- how to make sure that the snails would actually move enough to leave a mark? They don't like the cold so before Anselmo arrived, we wrapped the stone up in its own electric blanket to warm it up. He said they love to eat cucumber and a strategically-placed slice should entice them to make their way across the stone.


Two techniques worked rather well- dusting the snails' trails with photocopy toner and then fixing it with a fume box. The other way that gave even better results was to put a positive-working photo plate in a darkened room, complete with snails and cucumber slice. Once they had
finished their work, the snails were put back in the safety of their box, their trails dusted with toner and the plate exposed as usual. It's safe to say that this was the most unusual project we'd ever done!


Click the images below for larger display. Click HERE to see other works by Anselmo Fox.



snail in hand snails three snail dusting toner snails on photo plate snail print
snail trail dusted toner
snail trail 1


2nd European Lithography Days, 28 th August - 3rd September, 2012



The 2nd European Lithography Days were held in Munich once again! There was a full programme
of excellent exhibitions, lectures guided tours and print demonstrations. Keystone Editions was
invited to show the work we've printed and give a talk about our travels and experiences working
in international print workshops. Everyone had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet up with printers, artists and friends from 26 different countries.






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More information about the symposium on their website:

paul-lincke-ufer 33
10999 berlin
info [at]